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Google Adwords Announces Rebranding

In the last week of June 2018, Google AdWords users across the globe received an email with important information:

Google Adwords Becoming Google Ads Griffin and Co. Marketing.png

That’s right! Google AdWords is going through a rebranding. According to their blog, Google states:

“We launched AdWords nearly 18 years ago with a simple goal—to make it easier for people to connect online with businesses...A lot has changed since then. Mobile is now a huge part of our everyday lives. People quickly switch from searching for products, to watching videos, browsing content, playing games and more. As a result, marketers have more opportunities to reach consumers across channels, screens and formats. The opportunity has never been more exciting, but it’s also never been more complex. Over the years, Google ads have evolved from helping marketers connect with people on Google Search, to helping them connect at every step of the consumer journey through text, video, display and more.

That’s why today we are introducing simpler brands and solutions for our advertising products: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ad Manager. These new brands will help advertisers and publishers of all sizes choose the right solutions for their businesses, making it even easier for them to deliver valuable, trustworthy ads and the right experiences for consumers across devices and channels. As part of this change, we are releasing new solutions that help advertisers get started with Google Ads and drive greater collaboration across teams.”

The rest of the press release is available HERE.  

For the most part, it seems that a majority of the Google Adwords (sorry, “Ads”) process will remain the same, with mostly aesthetic changes to the dashboard and logos:

Adwords into Ads.gif

Not to worry, we’ll keep you up to date with all the coming changes. At least Google was kind enough to save everyone a heart attack by assuring:

"There is no action required on your part, and changes to the Google Ads branding will not impact your campaign performance, navigation or reporting.”

-Griffin & Co. Marketing