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Facebook Changes Their Algorithm


In response to the “fake news” being circulated around social media, Facebook is changing up their algorithm. Of course, there’s a driving force behind the change: advertisers are pulling their ads. Unilever, for example, said in a press release that “the industry [should] work together to improve transparency and rebuild consumer trust in an era of fake news and toxic online content.” Unilever CMO Chris Weed continued, “Across the world, dramatic shifts are taking place in people’s trust, particularly in media. We are seeing a critical separation of how people trust social media and more ‘traditional’ media. In the US only less than a third of people now trust social media (30%), whilst almost two thirds trust traditional media (58%)....The wider impact of digital on our society and the swamp that is the digital supply chain has become a consumer issue.”  

Keep an eye on more changes to come to as Facebook continues updating their algorithm.


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